New Higher Power Wide Terminal Resistors from KOA Speer - WK73R and WK73S Series

High Power Wide Terminal Resistor | KOA Speer ElectronicsBradford, PA – November 12, 2018 – KOA Speer Electronics introduces new high power options in its WK73R and WK73S resistor series. WK73R Thick Film Wide Terminal Resistors will now be available in WK732B15 (0612 size, 1.5 Watt), WK73R2H2 (1020 size, 2 Watt), and WK73R3A3 (1225 size, 3 Watt). WK73S Current Sense Wide Terminal Resistors will now be available in WK73S2B15 (0612 size, 1.5 Watt), WK73S2H2 (1020 size, 2 Watt), and WK73S3A3 (1225 size, 3 Watt). These wide terminal resistors feature reverse geometry for improved power rating and shock resistance.

KOA Speer’s new high power resistors offer a wide range of resistance values, the WK73R from 10Ω ~ 1MΩ and the WK73S from 10mΩ ~ 9.76Ω. These wide terminal resisters ensure high reliability with a TCR as low as ±100ppm°C, resistance tolerances of ±0.5%~5% and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +155°C. They are AEC-Q200 qualified.

The new higher power wide terminal resistors are an excellent choice for use in automotive power supplies (DC-DC conversion), ECU, motor controls, and industrial power supplies.

Lead time is 10 weeks for WK73R and WK73S higher power resistors. Samples are available upon request.

About KOA Speer:

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