RK92 High Voltage SIP Resistors

  • High resistance resistor for high voltage circuits
  • Flame retardant coats corresponding to UL94V-0 are used
  • Thick film resistors (Ru02) ensure high stability in life and change in aging
  • Resistance range: 1M ~ 1GΩ

RK Metal Glaze Discharge Path Resistors

  • Respondable to resistance tolerance ±1% and TCR ±100ppm/°C
  • Highly stable against environmental conditions and overload
  • Power rating: 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W
  • RK1/2G: Discharge path resistor UL1676 available

RCR Anti-Surge Resistors

  • Excellent anti-surge characteristics
  • Stable characteristics of moisture resistance up to 100MΩ  resistance range
  • RCR50+, RCR50EN (1M ~ 12MΩ ), RCR60 (1M ~ 12MΩ ) are conductivepath and discharge path resistors recognized by UL1676 and c-UL (CSA-C22.2 No. 1-M94)
  • RCR25EN, RCR50EN (100k ~ 33MΩ ), RCR60 (100k ~ 56MΩ ) are approved by EN6268-1 G.10 safety

GS High Voltage, High Resistance Thick Film Resistors

  • Miniature construction can endure to high power voltage (up to 40kV)
  • High power rating up to 12W
  • Excellent anti-surge characteristics
  • Wide resistance range: 500K ~ 10GΩ

PCF Ceramic Resistors for Anti-Pulse Surge

  • KOA original bulk ceramic resistor
  • Coated with UL94V0 flameproof material
  • Excellent in anti-pulse characteristics
  • Power rating: 0.5W, 1E, 2W
  • Resistance range: 3.3 ~ 390kΩ

CPCN Fixed Ceramic Resistors

  • Suitable for noise suppression of engine ignition systems
  • Reliable in pulse/transient applications
  • Power rating: 0.5W, 1W, 1.5W, 2W
  • TCR: -1200 ±300ppm/°C

PSN, PV, PSO, PN, PWW, PAP High Voltage Power Resistors

  • PSN is higher power (up to 250W) and for high voltage surge (up to 400kV)
  • PSO is a completely moisture resistant version of PSN
  • PN is non-inductive type and can be used for high frequency
  • PWW are non-inductive wirewound resistors for high voltage with resistance wires wound on insulation pipes
  • PAP are non-inductive wirewound resistors with inductance less than PWW, can be used for pulse wave measurement
  • Wide power rating: 2W, 5W, 10W, 25W, 50W, 125W, 250W

RK92L High Voltage SIP Discharge Resistors

  • Excellent overload capability and high stability life and aging even in insulating oil
  • Thin SIP shape suitable for space saving mounting
  • Custom type three-terminal product is available
  • Power rating: 4W
  • Resistance range: 1.2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 8M, 12M, 16MΩ

RK92D Thick Film Resistors for High Voltage NEW

  • High-precision high voltage divider for high voltage circuits
  • Thin SIP shape suitable for space saving mounting
  • Higher relative accuracy of resistance value is possible with one package
  • Power rating: 0.5/0.2W
  • Resistance range: 750k/6.25k, 2M/10k, 13M/26k, 33M/33kΩ

HPC Ceramic Resistors for Anti-Pulse Surge

  • KOA original bulk ceramic resistor
  • Higher reliability against disconnection compared to wirewound resistors and film resistors
  • Power rating: 0.5W ~ 5W
  • Resistance range: 3.3 ~ 390KΩ