SDT101 Axial Platinum Thin Film Thermal Series Sensors

  • Stable characteristics even in use for a long time with an excellent environment resistance
  • Operating temperature range: SDT101A: -55°C ~ +150°C, SDT101B: -55°C ~ +300°C
  • Stationary temperature: 0°C, 25°C
  • TCR: +3500ppm/°C

SDT310 Small Type Platinum Thin Film Thermal Sensors

  • TCR: +3850ppm/°C is in accordance with JIS-DIN standards IEC
  • Small package with a real ability of 1kΩ  resistance
  • Thermal time constant is improved with the small package
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C ~ 155°C, -55°C ~ 400°C, -55°C ~ +650°C

SDT310HCTP Small Type Platinum Thin Film Thermal Sensors

  • Characteristics are equivalent with IEC 60751-2008, JISC 1604-2013
  • Small package of 1.2mm x 3mm with 100Ω  resistance
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C ~ +300°C, -55°C ~ +400°C
  • Specified current: 1mA Max.

SDT310VASP2 Small Type Platinum Thin Film Thermal Sensors

  • Small heater element type with operating temperature range: -55°C ~ +600°C
  • Achieves thermal time constant of 2.3-seconds due to volume reduction type
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Applies axial lead type suitable to use as heater element
  • TCR: +3850±40ppm/°C

ST Custom Thermal Sensors

  • All ST-series thermal sensors are designed in various shapes in accordance with your application
  • TCR: +3500ppm/°C, +3850ppm/°C
  • Resistance values at 0°C: 100, 500, 1kΩ